Logan's Notes


I moved to California in March 2018 to take a job as an embedded systems engineer at Impossible Aerospace, a start-up in the South Bay pursuing electric aviation. In February of 2020 I joined Open Lunar Foundation as a flight software engineer, leading the embedded systems aspect of the project (driver development, RTOS port, bootloader architecture, etc.). Since moving to the Bay Area I have been exploring the fantastic hiking available, as well as exploring SF.

Logan pushing mountain bike

My fascination with electronics started young - I remember disassembling a broken VCR when I was 8 or 9 just so that I could look at the circuit boards inside. I have been tinkering with electronics and programming since middle school. My first experience with microcontrollers was a Parallax Basic Stamp HomeWork board. From there, I moved onto the Atmel ATmega series of microcontrollers thanks to a friend in FIRST robotics. Lately I have been very interested in computer architecture and FPGAs.

You can view my professional experience via LinkedIn.

I have been rock climbing since August 2016. Prior to moving to California I climbed outdoor at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky.